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Haiti's history is the country's greatest source of pride. Some part of that unprecedented history is horrific while other parts are phenomenally glorious & inspiring. Contrary to popular belief, Haiti remains a global phenomenon & therefore possesses several hallmarks of great potentials. To unleash these potentials, Haiti needs a strategic plan geared toward modernizing its economy, improving its education system, developing its agriculture, infrastructure, & tourism sectors, reducing government corruption, reinstituting law & order, & embracing its powerful Diaspora. Haiti's britghter future is in its history, its people, & its natural beauty. Haiti remains a global phenomenon as Haitians continue to be resilient.  


Haiti's marvelous history is an area that should be fully exploited. Haiti's Independence came after Haitians defeated Spain, Great Britain, & France.  Haiti's Independence not only guaranteed freedom for all Haitians but also abolished the slavery system in its entirety. Haiti's independence was the equalizer in securing the natural rights of life & liberty for people of African descent around the world. The significance of the Haitian Revolution surpasses that of the French and the American Revolutions combined. When Haiti put an end to slavery, the system was still widely used in the United States. Since Haiti's historical achievements are so amazingly remarkable, Haitians should use these exploits as a brand to promote the greatness of Haiti. 

  • The First Black Independent Nation in the world. 

  • The first country in the world to be governed by a free slave.

  • The only Independent Nation resulting from a successful Slave Revolt in the history of the world.

  • The First Independent Nation in Latin America & in the Caribbean

  • The Second Republic in the the Continent of America 

  • The First Republic in the Western hemisphere to abolish the system of  slavery in its entirety. 

  • Haiti has an inspiring, extraordinary, epic, & heroic story often overlooked in the history book of the world.

  • Haiti's independence remains the singular most powerful Black Achievement in the history of humanity. 

  • Haiti independence was the equalizer in securing the natural rights of life & liberty for people of African descent around the world.


Haiti has a world of adventurous wonders, a paradise to discover. Haiti's crystal clear water beaches are among the world's best. Home to the largest fortress in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti comes second in having the longest coastline in the Caribbean after Cuba. The supplies of breathtaking white sandy beaches, impressive turquoise water waves, voluminous high mountains, lushes of  tropical vegetation, colonial architecture, & massive waterfalls are all over this beautiful island. The combination of the vast natural beauty & diversity makes Haiti one of the most exciting tourist destination in the Caribbean. Haiti can offer travelers a wide range of authentic travel experience. Among Haiti's amazing landforms are Bassin Bleu in Jacmel, Saut-Mauthurine in Camp Perrin, Cotes Des Arcadins, Decameron Resorts, Labadee  not to mention the 8th wonder of the world, La Citadelle Laferriere. This immense stone monument La Citadelle Laferriere is about 3000 ft high. This massive structure  has become the symbol of Haiti's  Independence and the pride of Haitians, the former enslaved people who defeated the most powerful European empires of their time Britain, Spain & Spain.   With all these endowments, Haiti can be turned into a Caribbean tourist hot spot.



Located between the Caribbean Sea & the North Atlantic Ocean, Haiti is strategically well situated and easily accessible by air & by sea. Haiti's geographic location allows it to be wide open to wealthier neighboring Caribbean and other Central American countries. Haiti close proximity to the United States, the largest consumer market in the world is another great advantage for Haitian goods & services. In addition, Haiti tropical climate presents great opportunities for tourism. 


Haiti is known to have an incredible rich and diverse culture full of creativity & color. Haiti's culture is a melange of a wide range of elements and influences from Native Americans, West Africans, Latin Americans, & colonial Europeans

England, France, & Spain. ​Haitian art is particularly remarkable with its brilliant colors and exaggerations in sizes, dimensions, & characters. Kompa is the name of Haitian music that harmonizes rhythms from Native Americans, Africa, France, Spain, & Latin America. The various genres of music reflect the diversity in Haiti societal groups: Rara, Twoubadou, & Racine. Haiti's Carnaval is something spectacular attracting millions of people every year on the streets of every town in Haiti especially in Jacmel & in the capital city of Port-Au-Prince.  Haitian cuisine combines  various culinary styles to create its own dishes with uniques flavors from blending special herbs & spices with other ingredients.. 



Haitians are the proud people of Haiti. Haitians are friendly and welcoming people who take great pride in their unprecedented successful slave revolt for their independence. Haitians speak French, Creole, and generally manage both English & Spanish.The Haitian population is young & vibrant. Among every 10 Haitians, 6 are under the age of 24 making available a significant & dynamic pool of labor talents. Innately resilient, Haitian people are known to have the ability to overcoming adversity & hardships. Even under periods of great difficulties, Haitian people remain inspiring and optimistic.



Haiti has a powerful sentimental Diaspora that remains committed to the betterment of their home country. According to the latest World Bank data, the Haitian Diaspora contributed  $3 billion in 2018. This number is amounted to about 31% of Haiti’s Growth Domestic Product. Haiti is among the top countries with the most educated & skilled citizens living abroad. According to many studies, the 2 millions Haitians that make up the Haitian Diaspora includes 70% of  the skilled and talented Haitians who left the country for a reason or another. A brainless country can not function. In addition, 69%of Haitians living in the United States are between the age of 18-54, the working force of any developed country. The same studies also confirm that about 93% of Haitians in the United States have had some kind of schooling, 32% of them have at least an Associate degree, 19% have a Bachelor or higher degree.

The Haitian Diaspora represents a powerful population made of well-intended, well-qualified and very skillful Haitians who similar to  their brothers & sisters back home want nothing but the best for Haiti. At this critical moment, the Haitian Diaspora is one of  Haiti's greatest valuable assets. The integration of this powerful group of people in Haiti's affairs is certainly the country's last & only hope. 


Resilient, Haitian people are known to overcoming adversity & hardships. We did it before, we can do it again.  Let us take a look back at our history.  Let us revisit the footsteps of our ancestors, the freedom fighters, the enslaved men & women who did the unthinkable, the founding Fathers. Let us understand the significance of the impact we made before in the world. Let us embrace one another, cherish our similarities and accept our differences. Let us unite and think through how we can all work again to lift Haiti up. Let us live up to the expectations of  Toussaint Louverture, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Boisrond Tonnerre, Henri Christophe who sacrificed so much to create that Haiti we all love so dearly. Haiti must become a developed state just like his founding fathers intended it to be.The brave enslaved men and women did not die in vain. Haitians must utilize their bravery, their audacity, their sacrifice, & their courage as  a source of inspiration & mechanisms to dig Haiti out of its current  undesirable situations.

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