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​The people of Haiti have long been suffering from constant social, economic, & political instabilities. Over the years, these instabilities have undermined Haiti's Sovereignty and have debilitated Haitian's lives. Consequently, Haiti, the country that was once the envy of the world is now at the mercy of the world. At this critical point, there is an urgency for a social, economic, & political movement among the Haitians living in the Diaspora & those at home to demand real systematic change in Haiti. Haitian Diaspora United For Haiti (HDUH) is on a mission to lead that movement mobilizing Haitian communities all over the world to join forces & resources to change the course of Haiti toward sustainable development by promoting a culture of responsibility and self determination anchored by our patriotism.



The vision of Haitian Diaspora United for Haiti is to see Haitian communities throughout the world joining their forces & resources to make real systemic change  for a self sufficient  Haiti.



Haitian Diaspora United For Haiti has the following objectives:

  • to unify the members of the Haitian Diaspora communities scattered all over the world in an effort to forming an alliance toward community empowerment 

  • to mobilize the Haitian communities throughout the world on social, economic and the political issues affecting us at home and abroad 

  • to make sure that Haitians at home are provided economic opportunities to end the inter-generational cycle of poverty.

  • to bring awareness of the need for oversight, accountability & transparencies in government institutions and the management of humanitarian aid & Foreign donors. 

  • to seek moral and economic support from the Haitian communities around the world.

  • to promote stability in Haiti by using our own resources to acquire land for food production and job creation.

  • to militate on important social, economic, & political issues in the Haitian communities  throughout the world.

  • to advocate on behalf of Haitian communities toward local & international government & organizational entities 

  • to encourage Haitians to be active participants in their respective communities to improve themselves and Haiti

  • to bring awareness and guidance on important political gridlocks that often block the Haitian Diaspora from fully participating in Haiti's affairs. 

  • to hold political officials accountable for  lapses related to Haiti and Haitians. 

  • to bring awareness of the constitutional rights of Haitians living abroad, or the lack thereof. 

  • to educate Haitians about theirs constitutional rights and how to exercise them to benefit themselves and Haiti

  • to create an operational unity amongst Haitians who are committed to the mission of HDUH.



You choose how you want to participate in the movement. There are many options to choose from. The most important of all is to find a way to contribute to the real systemic change Haiti desperately needs.



can be all that you want it to be but you have to get involved. You have to be engaged in the 

conversation about Haiti. You have to be part of the decision making. You have to contribute. You have to be the change agent for Haiti.

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Know Us

HDUH team is made of concerned  Haitians  who want to uphold Haiti's legacy.





More than 2 centuries after Haiti defeated the largest European Army to become  the First Independent Black Republic in the New World, the country has been struggling  its way to substantial economic & social development. Today, Haiti's situation has reached a critical point. Out of the 188 countries in the world, Haiti is ranked 163rd. Haiti's current situation is the outcome of the long-standing animosity & bitterness that the former colonial powers have utilized when dealing with Haiti.

Haiti's independence was a major treat to the Western colonial empires including Spain, Great Britain, France, & the United States. Haiti's independence put an end to slavery, the engine of their economy. Haiti became the most hatred country in the world after proclaiming its independence. France refused to recognize the legitimacy of Haiti's Sovereignty until 1825 for price tag worth of $22 billion. The United States did not recognize Haiti's independence until 1862. Foreign interventions & occupations, periods of dictatorship, unstable governments,  institutionalized & wide spread corruption in the Haitian government, a series of disastrous natural disasters, & poor management of humanitarian aid have drained all the resources and potentials from the First independent black republic in the world. All these challenges have handicapped the country from moving forward.​


A poor education system that is constantly disrupted either by lack of financial resources, the availability of qualified instructors, or simply street protests.



Haiti's fragile economy rely heavily on remittances from the Haitian Diaspora. Haiti  has been running on trade deficit for years. the Haitian's currency, la Gourde continues to depreciate. 



The systems of transportation, telecomnmunications, energy, health, and education if exist, are all weak,  broken, limited or outdated throughout the country.  

Located in the Caribbean Sea, Haiti is prone to natural disasters. Deforestation, poor urbanization and  the absence of government  leadership make the country's environment extremely vulnerable  to natural disasters.



Haiti's government is ranked among the most corrupt in the world  while more than 6 millions Haitians live under extreme economic distress on $2.41 per day. 


 The Haitian Diaspora is the backbone of Haiti's economy contributing more than one third of Haiti's $10 billion GDP. At this point, the members of the Haitian Diaspora are Haiti's lifeline but yet are not allowed to fully participate in Haiti's political affairs.

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